One way my wife understands me



My wife gives me the gift of familiarity. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but a something that happens when we’re not in the same room. Before caller id, answering a telephone call involved a small surprise on the other end. We had no idea who was calling.


Back in that day, you would only recognize a handful of people over the phone by their name. When my wife and I were dating I called her all the time. “This is Jeff”, I said every time my wife answered her phone. I even left my name on her voicemail.  She used to laugh at me for using my name instead of the first person familiar, “it’s me”, or “hey babe”, slow to let myself believe that she didn’t need my name to recognize the caller.


Driving home today, after a few days in Beaver Creek, Colorado for a conference, I wanted to give Marion a call and let her know that I had started down toward home. I missed her and the kids. As I called, I remembered that she used to laugh at my “This is Jeff” opening. And I thought about how very blessed I am to be married to someone who would recognize me by my voice if caller id were not available.


Other friends and my immediate family might fall into this category as well. But it’s Marion to whom I can go with the naked “me” rather than putting on the mask that can be “Jeff”. Honestly, we don’t call one another by name very often, no need.


Proverbs 19:4 says, “. . . a prudent wife is from the Lord.” Some versions say “an understanding wife”. I like that. Because when my wife recognizes me by my voice in her ear, it is only the first way in which she understands me. This familiarity is one of the sweetest gifts of marriage.


She is definitely an integral part of my career, my home and my lifestyle. I couldn’t do it without her.


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One thought on “One way my wife understands me

  1. I can definitely relate with this one as my wife is definitely a Proverbs woman. I am blessed that she understands and puts up with all my intricacies and imperfections. What would we do without them?