Life Skills

35 lessons our 16 year old daughter wants to learn before college


Okay, I know, because I asked her, that Caroline got this list off of Pinterest, “the world’s catalog of ideas”. Never mind that some of those ideas include making beer bottle tiki torches and pasta earrings nonetheless she’s thinking about it and that’s what makes her a special kid.

So, take a look and tell me what you think. Can you pick out the ones Caroline came up with herself? Would add anything to the list? Do you have advice? Leave a comment below. In her own words. . . and I assume in no particular order.

  1. Know how to do your own laundry.
  2. Have a budget and know what I can spend each month.
  3. Master a few basic cooking skills.
  4. Know a few basics of making healthy lifestyle choices
  5. Know how to manage things I need for my personal health.
  6. Self-advocacy.
  7. Social emotional skills to make new friends
  8. Time management
  9. Job finding skills/interviews/people skills/fill out job app.
  10. Navigation and map reading
  11. How to handle emergencies
  12. Keep financial records organized
  13. When and how to pay taxes
  14. Calculate a tip.
  15. Change a battery in fire alarm.
  16. Discuss living guidelines with roommate and how to find one.
  17. Public Speaking
  18. Write a resume.
  19. Draft a cover letter.
  20. Professionally formatting letters.
  21. Change a tire.
  22. Bike Maintenance
  23. Have personal medical information and keep up with appointments.
  24. Basic tool use.
  25. How to sew a button.
  26. Be a good judge of character.
  27. Ability to admit fault and start over.
  28. Stay safe and healthy on campus/self-defense
  29. How to get around town.
  30. First aid.
  31. How to jump start a car.
  32. Read and understand medicine labels and dosage.
  33. Know how to pay bills and where.
  34. Know how to schedule a car appointment.
  35. Coping with stress.

It’s a good start. Don’t you think?



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One thought on “Life Skills

  1. Caroline already knows some of these life skills. The top life skill is to Glory GOD in all she does and learn to apply the Bible to her life and obey what JESUS says.