Little mirrors

The sin I see in my kids is the sin I see in me

It’s morning in the mountains. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Olivia, our youngest is asking for milk. The boy, John Wallace and the girl in the middle, Izzie are asking if they can go outside. The oldest wants me to find a song for her on Spotify. None of these requests are designed to […]

Life Skills

35 lessons our 16 year old daughter wants to learn before college


Okay, I know, because I asked her, that Caroline got this list off of Pinterest, “the world’s catalog of ideas”. Never mind that some of those ideas include making beer bottle tiki torches and pasta earrings nonetheless she’s thinking about it and that’s what makes her a special kid. So, take a look and tell […]

Friend to the fatherless: how the death of their father affects our children


We watched the Watoto choir perform Sunday at the Boulder Valley Community Church. For those not familiar, Watoto is an “holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda.” They seek to “rescue” individual orphans or women, “raise” each one as a leader […]

Baby due – Wait, can’t we talk about this? I’m insufficiently prepared.

Waiting for our new baby to be born feels like a trip back to my own childhood. Occasionally, my family would go to a ball game in Arlington, TX. Driving to the old Arlington Stadium meant that we would have to drive by Six Flags over Texas. Before the game, we would drive by the […]

The fantasy of high-speed rail

  The proposed high-speed rail system connecting Jefferson County to Summit and Eagle counties is still in the not-in-our-lifetime planning stage. Nevertheless, Summit County officials are beginning to look at proposed sites that have the space to accommodate the rail stations, with their platforms, ticket buildings, and Starbucks. Planning should also include places to park […]

Not My Faithfulness


While on a camping and fishing trip, I woke up to find that someone had stolen my fishing rod. Camped along this gold medal Colorado stream, I had ventured into this quasi-wilderness to have some alone time to fish and think. Shortly after my divorce, I felt sad. I was ready to get on with […]