Little mirrors

The sin I see in my kids is the sin I see in me

It’s morning in the mountains. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Olivia, our youngest is asking for milk. The boy, John Wallace and the girl in the middle, Izzie are asking if they can go outside. The oldest wants me to find a song for her on Spotify. None of these requests are designed to […]

Went to the desert to mountain bike and a conversation broke out

riding in Utah with my adopted son Jack

IMG_2864 (1)

Oh man, we made another dream come true here at Steepthinking headquarters. Jack, and I went to Moab for a long weekend to ride bikes on the Augusta National of mountain bike trails that you find in a heavenly alcove in Southeastern Utah. Only a six hour drive from Denver, we broke it up into two parts by […]

Can Fitness Apps Do What They Claim? Part 2

Do you care how many miles your buddy just rode?


Is an app like Strava or Garment Connect the same as larger and more established mainstream social networks? In short, I don’t think so. I’m not using the social functions very much. Instead, I prefer to use the app as a data collector/record keeper. And while much has been written about the idealized portrayal of […]

Can Fitness Apps Do What They Claim? Part 1

A meditation on the wired mortal

Runner on mountain trail looking at smartwatch or sport watch, checking gps navigation position map or heart rate pulse trace, using heart monitor equipment. Sport and fitness outdoors in nature.

I’ve been working on a thesis about how athletes are using performance apps like Strava, Training Peaks, and the hundreds of others out there and recently I’ve been trying to nail down a good research question or two. So, I put together a list of over 30 questions that I have about their sudden ubiquity. […]