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Hey, I’m Jeff McAbee. Writer, former ski instructor and bike tour leader. I married a wonderful woman who happened to be widowed with three children when I met her and found myself suddenly thrown into parenting. Eventually, I adopted the children as my own and we had a fourth. To be a dad, I knew my life would have to change (for the better) but we’re determined to keep adventure alive despite having a new family.

Seven Utes

To be honest, this hasn’t been easy. No longer responsible for only myself, playing outdoors with a family requires a whole new set of skills, expectations and logistics. It’s been a steep learning curve for sure. And by no means do I think I have made it yet. I share some of our adventures and misadventures here because I’m hoping others can learn from our experience. We hope to learn from my readers as well.




So how do we do it? Adventures can be very expensive. First we live where a hike or a bike ride is super accessible. Second, I’m a stay at home dad which means I have a lot of flexibility with the kids especially during the summer. My wife works as a Nurse Practitioner and provides a good income for us while I run kids here and th


Steepthinking.com spawned from a newspaper column I used to write. It was popular. It won an award and here it continues. I’ve always tried to point readers to somewhere above where they are now. I want a higher perspective. I want to live for someone and something bigger than myself. It’s what I want for my kids too.  For them to know who they really are and to be comfortable in their own skin, this is the way to develop authentic relationships of all kinds.


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Was truly inspired by this story on our plane ride back to Denver, and had to check my own personal convictions and moral guides. Being brought up following biblical principals really made me think how often I live out this scripture. Something like this is always “Easier said than done,” and it’s important to act rather than reason yourself out of execution of the act. How many more principles do I claim to hold true to my convictions yet continually compromise when I’m challenged in those convictions? Definitely “Steep thinking”